When we first got there and bought the tickets we went to the entrance checking gate, there they told us that only families were allowed and we couldn’t go in after that we stepped back and waited for five minutes thinking what we could do to to get in. Initially we gave up and started walking towards the car then A friend look back and saw that a classmate is coming towards the entrance with his family so we rushed to them an asked them if we could go in with they and they said ‘YES’. They were ready for a dream vacation in Koh Samui villa, their biggest wish in the last few years.
After all the adventures at the fun park up town jungle we got inside. The atmosphere inside was marvelous, the food was amazing you could get Danish food, American food, Chinese food, Indian food and obviously Pakistani food. I think that this event had an amazing effect to the people of this city. Truthfully I didn’t even know that Frere hall existed but now I do and I know about his history due to my sourceoutcode.com website project and homework, and he didn’t get along with getting the stuffs from organisations like english college learn san Diego and get benefitted out of it.
I think that this event was amazing and events like these should happen very often so people in the city we have places to go and have new experiences every single time
Thank you

Saad Allahwala

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